40 by 40
Deluxe Two-Volume Set
Hershel Shanks, editor
Publication Date
January 2015
Color Plates

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CONTRIBUTORS INCLUDE: Nahman Avigad, Gabriel Barkay, Amnon Ben-Tor, Frank Moore Cross, Trude Dothan, Orly Goldwasser, André Lemaire, Thomas E. Levy, Eilat Mazar, Lawrence E. Stager, Ephraim Stern, David Ussishkin and Gyõzõ Vörös 


To commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR), founder and editor Hershel Shanks hand-picked 40 articles from the magazine to enhance and enjoy on their own in a gorgeous 2-volume, softcover or deluxe set.From the founding families of the Bible through the early Christian period and almost everything in between!


These special volumes include a wide array of topics in Biblical history and archaeology: The Exodus, Jerusalem archaeology, Solomon’s Temple, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the world of Jesus and more. Exploring the breadth of biblical history, these easy-to-read articles are written by the world’s leading biblical archaeologists and scholars, illustrated with glorious color pictures of artifacts and excavations, and include new commentary by BAR editor Hershel Shanks. 


Engaging, informative and breathtaking! This two-volume set of specially selected articles with commentary makes an inspiring gift for avid archaeology students and Bible readers alike.